Meet the women behind The Healthy Follower

Sheri Hollinger is a joyful wife, loving mother of 6 (and Grandma of 2), creative homeschooler, and a laugher. She grew up in abusive situations, overcame a 13 year eating disorder and began CrossFit in 2019. She loves God, and genuinely loves other people.

Andi Anderson is a devoted wife, a resilient mother, novice homeschooler, and a smiler. She has struggled with depression, anxiety and addictions for nearly 20 years. She enjoys doing healthy things (movement, eating whole foods, etc.) but has a difficult time getting the momentum necessary to start. She has been labeled a “crunchy” mom, but prefers not be put into boxes. Her love for God has waivered over the years, but she always comes back to the Truth.

Read Andi’s story here.

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