The Healthy Follower is a ministry geared to help women through the messiness of life. We are in a spiritual battle whether we realize it or not. And it is vitally important to be in our most healthy, balanced state possible in order to fight the enemy.

Spiritual Health

Mental Health

Physical Health

They are all equally relevant in this journey. If your spiritual life is out of balance then the enemy can grab a foothold and burden you with chains. If your mental state is out of balance you are probably tired, weary, and overwhelmed. If your physical health is out of balance you might be experiencing brain fog, fatigue, headaches, and any number of other symptoms.

We have compiled a place where you can find help, encouragement and support in any one of those areas. We are here for you!

Find rest, peace, balance, and hope.

Contact us with questions, suggestions, pain and tears, or laughter and joy.

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