The (W)holy 40

Are you tired, run down, overwhelmed, discouraged, weary or all of the above? We’ve all had these times in our faith walk. Desert times. But they don’t have to be unfruitful, in fact, they may be your stepping stone into the fertile land.

Have you considered fasting and prayer?

We all struggle with knowing what God’s plan is for our lives. Sometimes it’s even more difficult to carry out His will when we know what it is.

We have created a simple, effective, and interactive study to help you align your heart to God’s desires. Instead of being complacent or accepting your desert time as a season, let us help you through this dry time.

The Holy 40 is a program designed to lead your heart into further submission to God. 40 days of fasting, prayer and study. We will learn together what Biblical fasting is, what it is not, why 40 days, and how to know what to fast. We will then journey together as a community through the 40 days.

Get ready to experience joy and wholeness. Let’s BREAK STRONGHOLDS and BUILD CHARACTER together.

Head over to our Contact page, Facebook Event Page or email us at to join.

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