A Letter to the Church

Dear Church,

You claim to be a follower of Christ, you claim to be born again. You praise God on Sunday mornings and by the afternoon you partake in debauchery, idolatry, drunkenness, filthy talking, crude joking. Don’t you see, like a wildfire’s smoke choking out life you are choking out the Holy Spirit?

You say you have faith, but where are your works? You cannot have faith without works. Are we such a consumer nation that we are treating God like a vending machine? We deposit an hour or two of our time each week to feel good, and forget that a healthy lifestyle is indicative of a healthy heart?

Stand up Church! Stand up in worship of your Creator. Stand up with courage and wisdom. Do not sit in the cupboard like a stale cracker any longer. Stand up and LOVE! Stand up and serve. Stand up for UNITY! Do not remain sitting on the sidelines, for you have nothing to fear, as Christ has already won the war. He defeated death – the fear and pain are gone – because He lives!

This is a call to action. A petition to turn from your sin. I see those that claim to be Christ followers around me…it breaks my heart for the sin some are living in. Do not be complacent in your faith any longer. Submit your heart to God and move!

God created marriage to be an example of His unconditional love for us, and what a relationship with Him can look like. But what have we done in the Church? We have allowed sin to enter in, we have allowed Satan to trick our hearts, he has gotten a foothold and destroyed lives, stolen the gift of marriage, killed hearts. Do not be weighted down by your sin any longer! Repent! Turn to God who is the Master Physician. The Lord breaks our chains of sin, He is greater than the Master of Lies! Do not be deceived any more! Turn from your wicked ways.

The Lord’s kindness leads us to repentance. Allow His grace and mercy and correction to lead you to a place of submission and ultimate forgiveness. Turn your back on your sin and turn your face to the One who has already defeated sin. Then your light shall break out like the dawn, and your healing will spring up speedily, your righteousness will go before you; the glory of God will be your rear guard.

Clothe yourself in His armor that you may be able to say you did everything to stand firm in the evil day. Look to the ways of Heaven, for the time on Earth is short; don’t waste any opportunity. Join in the heritage of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the heritage that Jesus Himself fulfilled. The heritage that is free to any who choose. And should we not be showing all how glorious that heritage is?

Jesus is calling. How are you going to respond dear brothers and sisters?

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