Fasting Requires Focus


PRAY for direction: What will you fast for?   Health? Peace? Obedience? Joy? Humility?

PONDER your motives: What do you want desperately different? 
Self? Marriage? Career? Anxiety? Fear? Anger issues?

PREPARE to worship:  This is a time to get serious with the Lord as He begins a new work in you; through mind, body, & spirit.  Your heart WILL change.

PRAISE the Lord: What is your purpose to embrace this journey?  Fasting is a form of worship so may I dare add the important emphasis of an open heart as a must to our intentional focus?  Fasting creates a spiritual discipline for the right reasons.

So what are the true benefits of fasting? It provides physical as well as mental and spiritual well being.  Ultimately though, it should go beyond us.  It’s not about what fasting can do for us but how we can serve beyond our own individual growth;  acts of kindness, generosity, sympathy, grace, unconditional love. 

The (W)Holy 40

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