Resolutions, Change, Truth

In order to remove a bad habit, a sinful style or consistent poor choice successfully, it must be replaced with something good, better or healthful. One can not simply remove the bad and expect to flourish. A gardener doesn’t just remove the weeds, they replace within the soil seeds that bear good fruit. A builder does not simply tear down a decrepit house and leave but instead replaces it with a habitable home.

Just the same as the physical world so it is in the spiritual world. These truths seem fitting for the beginning of the year when so many people are making resolutions and so ready for change. But can you truly change unless you first work it out in your mindset?

Maybe you want to lose weight; but are you truly going to succeed if you don’t first, stop placing your value and worth in a number? For what good is a number if you reach it and still don’t feel worthy of love, or valuable, or beautiful?

Maybe you want to be more intentional in life; but what does that really look like, how do you know when you’ve succeeded? Because you were more present during that conversation, or chose to read a book rather than watch tv, or decided to eat more healthfully today? Does that truly cultivate a heart and lifestyle of intentionality if you still long to disengage from life?

Change happens in the little things of life, not the big things. Change is when you’ve made a poor food choice the night before and feel utterly depleted upon waking but STILL CHOSE to go workout because you know it will set the tone for your day. Change is when you’re heart is hardened by all the pain you’ve experienced but STILL CHOSE to bless and love your spouse, children and those around you, knowing that God will use what little love you have to give. True change is when you have replaced what is old with what is new. It’s in the mundane moments of life that we see true change happening.

It’s the way you see yourself, think of yourself and talk to yourself; it’s the way we respond and act within our home; it’s how we view those around us; it’s a mindset shift that will allow you to completely succeed in the change that you desire.

It’s not always easy, you’re not always going to get it right, you’re going to want to give up at times, and it may even seem like you’ve made no progress but continue choosing your old pattern. Keep going. Keep fighting. Set your mind on the goal, create new goals along the way. If God is your support, set your mind on the things above, knowing that what you do here will either count for eternity or not. Approach your goals and change with an eternal perspective. How does being more healthful in my lifestyle increase God’s kingdom here?

Do you have resolutions, goals, or changes you’d like to make for 2019? Share with us! We’d love to support you in your journey. You can share with us on Facebook or Instagram @healthyfollower, or leave a comment below.

May the God of peace guide you in your adventures through this new year.

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