'Peace helps you not fall to pieces.' Words of wisdom from my 17 yr old daughter. Is this true for you? FRUIT Of THE SPIRIT:  PEACE Many people who visit our home find a sense of peace in our living environment.  Not by outer circumstances, but rather more by our inner demeanor.  I'm going to … Continue reading Peace

Seasons of a Tree

A good tree produces good fruit; a bad tree produces bad fruit. Not everyone who says, "Lord, Lord," are true believers. You will be known by your fruit. Yet, trees are not always producing fruit. There is a time for growth, for soaking in nutrients and a time for rest. Growth leads to fruit, fruit … Continue reading Seasons of a Tree

Resolutions, Change, Truth

In order to remove a bad habit, a sinful style or consistent poor choice successfully, it must be replaced with something good, better or healthful. One can not simply remove the bad and expect to flourish. A gardener doesn't just remove the weeds, they replace within the soil seeds that bear good fruit. A builder … Continue reading Resolutions, Change, Truth

To Survive or Thrive This Christmas?

Christmas is about love. Specifically, God's love for us... as He sent Jesus down to earth. Christmas exists because of this love. So, how loving are we being this season? How many of us celebrate to the verge of chaos? Us women tend to try to squeeze in every last drop of memory making into … Continue reading To Survive or Thrive This Christmas?

Depression Sucks

Life is hard. Life without Jesus is even harder.  I’m a believer, for sure, 100%! Jesus is my Lord. But I don’t always live that way. Sin easily creeps in. Lies begin to penetrate the Armor He has given me.  How is it that someone can go from such a strong foundation in the Truth … Continue reading Depression Sucks


It’s my prayer and hope that we at Healthy Follower may spark a revival by the inspiration of Holy Spirit as we write, and that we as the women of His Church would stand united in love, walking in a manner worthy of our calling.      Ephesians 4:1-3 “Therefore, I, the prisoner of the Lord, implore … Continue reading Unity


An apology is first and foremost necessary: I am deeply sorry for my lack of writing. Sheri and I had planned to do a post every week this summer to offer y'all encouragement, but that hasn't happened, and it's my fault. Moving, then not moving, then moving again, pregnancy (first trimester has been awful), and … Continue reading Joy