An Ode to Single Mother’s

What can I say except that I do not understand. What can I do except encourage and support you with my words, and for those close to me, with my actions. If there are any single daddy’s out there reading this, I’m sure this applies to you in some or all degrees also.

Not too long ago I had a glimpse, albeit very brief, and nothing truly comparable, into what it’s like to be a single mother. My husband (M), daughter (A) and I live with my husband’s grandmother (GG), to care for her. She’s always at home. But one week in the not so distant past she went to visit her daughter (my mother-in-law). Shocking, I know. When you’re 86 and have no desire to do anything outside your home, this is a big deal. That same week my husband had to work out of town. This sort of freedom I have never known. My daughter is 4 1/2 at this point, and I have NEVER had to do life alone with her.

All you mama’s out there who do this all the time are probably not understanding or grasping this concept at all. Which is fine, I don’t blame you. But when there is an extra set of hands, as little as they might do, they do a lot. GG is often cooking dinner and doing the dishes. She helps by playing with A. So there are some things that I often don’t even have to think about. They are of no concern for me.

So that week I mentioned, I was all alone with A. Just Mama and A. It. Was. WONDERFUL! But I began to wonder about all the women who do this ALL of the time, sometimes with no support of the child(ren)’s father. I was flooded with so many emotions. My heart ached for you! My heart rejoiced for you! So much work to do, so little time, and with little to no help. Praise be to God our Father if you have beautiful friends and family who help!

2 Thessalonians 3:13 (Andrea’s Translation) “But as for you, sweet Sister, do not grow weary of doing good.”

Galatians 6:9 (NASB) Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary.

You, sweet Sister, single mama, are doing greatness. You are providing for your child(ren). So do not loose heart, do not become discouraged. Do not let the enemy come in to kill your joy, steal your heart, or destroy your drive. With Christ as your groom, you can do all things.

With all the lovingkindness,
Andrea A.

Dear Father in heaven, I pray that You would encourage all the single parents out there. Give them hope, strength, courage and joy in the midst of every situation. May they lean into You for all things, and count it a blessing when someone steps up to help them. If they do not have support from friends and family I pray mightily that You would intervene and allow a helping, kind hand to come into their lives. May it be.

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